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Three Adventurous Lacemakers interviewed for this month's Haptic and Hue episode.

Haptic and Hue is one of our favourite podcasts by hand weaver and broadcaster Jo Andrews. The new episode is all about lace, and it delves into lace's colourful history and even brighter future. Jo interviewed Jane, Pierre and Elena for this episode. You can find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, or on their website:

Jane launches a blog

Jane introduces her new blog with this statement: "Lace is my daily habit – whether reading and researching, writing, sampling, designing, making or adventuring out into the world with it. Join me in my explorations". Be sure to bookmark and check in regularly.

Art Brightens your World

Dagmar is exhibiting at the Art Brightens your World exhibition at the Ames Arts Center in Burnsville, MN. (The Eiffel Tower on the right is featured in an upcoming lesson on Patreon, so stay tuned).

Make Southwest

Jane is exhibiting at Make Southwest at Bovey Tracey from 16 July to 8 October 

Most of Jane’s work in contemporary bobbin lace captures fragile memories from a wetland landscape combatting the breakdown of our climate. While making Arbor Vitae (image above) to celebrate an ivy-clad poplar that had survived the violent storm which had felled its companion, she discovered that it had itself been truncated to prevent it being blown onto the observation hut built in its shade.

Independence,  the sunflower inspired by stylised Catalan Modernist architectural decoration, is shown in solidarity with Ukraine (third image from the top).

The Little Woman

In this video, Filmed just before lockdown. Denise explains how she creates her unique and intricate form of horsehair bobbin lace. Denise shares her thoughts behind her handmade dolls in “The Little Woman” exhibition. Each hand crafted paper mâché doll is hand painted before it is embellished with embroidery, vintage cloth, vintage finds and handmade bobbin lace.

Pierre teaching in Perth in October/November

Western Australia recently hosted the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial that included Pierre's installation "The Little Binche Peacock and Other Utopian Dreams", and now that travel restrictions have eased, Pierre will travel to Perth to teach three lace design and technique workshops, and to speak at the Fremantle Design Week. Bookings will open soon. Click on the link below for more information.

Pierre's trip and masterclasses are hosted and made possible by the curators of the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial,  Maker&Smith (@maker_and_smith)


Pierre is curating an exhibition of erotic lace miniatures by international artists at Whatiftheworld Gallery in Cape Town.

Lace has a colourful history and relationship with sexuality, and this small group exhibition takes that relationship as its starting point. Unravelling the theme in miniature lace opens up Pandora’s box of further questions about human nature, aesthetics, politics, pleasures, taboos and the fine line separating them.

Image: Fagoted by Theo Bignon. 2016.  Men’s brief, cotton thread. Variable dimensions