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Wherever you're at in your creative journey, we're here to help you nurture and grow as a maker and an artist. Here are a couple of ways in which we can assist you:

Courses and Publications


Our bobbin lace design courses, initially run as live events and then as weekly installments on Patreon, with text and video content, are now available as e-books, and soon as print on demand physical books too. With a variety of cutting edge bobbin lace techniques and approaches aimed at every skill level, there's bound to be a course or a topic to inspire you, whether you're just starting out or have years of experience.

Absolute Beginner? Let's get you started.

TAL has an entry point for absolute beginners called "Art Lace for Absolute Beginners", although experienced lacemakers are finding benefit from a "crash course" in essential lace- and lace improvisation techniques too. You can self-pace this course via our Patreon page. (Click "become a member" below to view the subscription options on Patreon)

Studio Mates, Groundbreakers & Masterclass Membership

Online courses and Live sessions

As a member of The Adventurous Lacemakers on Patreon, you will get exclusive (discounted) access to our latest courses in (almost) weekly doses. Enjoy the unveiling of a course in real time, get the thrill of being the first to open a lesson, and get support directly from the teacher. This content is available to members only until the course is complete and ready for publishing to the general public.

The courses that are currently available on Patreon are:

  • Embellished Clothwork (by guest teacher Marian Tempels, starting June 2023)

  • Drawing with Thread (by Dagmar Beckel-Machyckova)

  • Horsehair Bobbin Lace (Denise Watts)

  • Abstract Design (Jane Atkinson)

  • Macramé Bobbin Lace (Pierre Fouché)

  • Art Lace for Absolute Beginners (Pierre Fouché with co-teacher Carolyn Einhorn)

  • Inkscape for lacemakers (Pierre Fouché)

  • Two Toned Tulle (Pierre Fouché)

Our Patreon community has three tiers. The highest tier is The Adventurous Lacemakers Masterclass: a support group for lace artists and those who are still a bit uncomfortable with the term, but curious to explore their creativity. Membership to this tier is limited and highly sought after. At this point it has a waiting list, which you can sign up for once you become a member in either of the other tiers.

If this isn't your cup of tea, buy us a coffee instead (the price of the cheapest membership, the Studio Mates) or two, if you like video demonstrations (available to the Groundbreakers only), and still enjoy the sense of community and creativity that we have to offer through our latest courses.

Online communities

The Adventurous Lacemakers' Discord server.

The Point Fusion-, Noobs-, and Masterclass Forums have migrated to Discord. These are vibrant private chat, voice and video channels for our members and anyone currently working through an e-book or live course. Members can share images, discuss their work, join a research team or simply enjoy browsing and discussing lace related topics. Membership is included in your subscription or course purchase. You will receive an invitation to join once you sign up on Patreon, buy a publication from the shop or attend a live workshop.